Why The Chambers?

Have never ending - always ongoing legal battles at hand?

Does any of your legal issues like contracts, tender drafting, employees etc. etc. take away so much of your time and money?

Do you constantly have issues with regard to your identity and protection of your intellectual property from outsiders as well as insiders?

Does your legal retainers or advisors are hard to liaison with?

Oh! You have legal advisors and still you have to have a legal department? Isn t that a double costing to your company?

Do you feel Lawyers are hard to deal with?

Does this take away your peace and sleep in spite of spending a lot?

Welcome to 'The Chambers' the one stop solution to all your problems and complexities. Small, Budding, on our own, so its more we need you, the way you need us. Isn't that a huge stake to ponder upon while choosing the lawyers, because why to keep your stake as leverage in the hands of those who don't need you. After all its all about your security, protection and peace of mind.

Why to join hands with us?

Cost-Effective : Depending upon the type of legal service being outsourced, a law firm or a corporate legal department could achieve as much as 30% to 80% in cost savings by outsourcing legal support work to a firm based in a lower cost market like India.

Flexibility : Rather than hire full-time or even temporary in-house support staff to deal with the ups and downs in workflow, LPO firms can be utilized on and as need basis. Furthermore, LPO firms can allow a corporate legal department to tap into expertise that they may otherwise be lacking in-house.

High Quality Legal Support : Given the differences in salary and overhead structures, many firms employ fully licensed attorneys rather than just paralegals or legal secretaries.

Increase Efficiency : LPO firms utilize low cost professionals as well as specially designed software that automates and streamlines repetitive tasks, especially tasks that involve significant amounts of paperwork and documents.

Leverage Time Zone Differences : North American or European based clients have the ability to have work completed on a 24 hour basis or during the night.

Optimize Costly Resources : For law firms, expensive resources in high cost markets are freed up in order to focus on high margin fee generating work rather than repetitive tasks while corporate legal departments are able to focus more attention to their core competencies rather than on handling legal paperwork.