Mission & Vision


Our firm is a committed and resourceful group of like-minded professionals focused on the pursuit of justice. Our Mission is to provide exemplary, caring and professional legal services to those who have been injured or harmed through the negligence or actions/omissions of others. We believe that everyone deserves access to our civil justice system so those wrongdoers are held accountable for their actions/omissions. Our aim is to provide our clients the 'legal peace of mind'.


To be recognized as one of the few firms that must be considered for any legal issues anywhere. When a CEO asks his or her general counsel for the best trial lawyers, we want to be on the short list. We want to continue to enhance our image as informal, collegial, diverse, hardworking, incisive, original, aggressive and principled lawyers. To continue recruiting the best talent; to deliver outstanding quality at a reasonable cost; and to win. First, last and always, to win.