Competition / Antitrust

Our Competition / Antitrust Law practice is recognised for its expertise and knowledge in this sphere. Apart from successfully defending several clients facing cartel and bid-rigging investigations, our Competition / Antitrust lawyers are advising clients on numerous abuses of dominance matters and merger control filings and analyses.

Negotiate clearance for acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.

Advise on the structure of commercial or co-operation agreements to ensure they can withstand a competition challenge.

Deal with investigations into the way a client conducts business.

Bring or defend claims in the Competition Appellate Tribunal (CAT).

Cross-border trade or anti-dumping measures (preventing companies exporting products at a lower price than normally charged in the home market).

Regulators investigate companies, bring prosecutions and advise on the application of new laws and regulations.

We also advise on other antitrust cases on a regular basis, including agreements and dominance cases. In particular, we advise on:

Pricing (especially by companies with strong market positions)



Licensing and supply agreements

Establishing and maintaining antitrust compliance procedures

We exercise utmost sensitivity while dealing with competition and antitrust cases, especially when it involves clients accused of cartel activity in particularly sensitive sectors, high profile or ground breaking merger control work and abuse of dominance representation. The team spends a considerable amount of time and effort in getting to know the client’s industry in order to appreciate and understand sector specific issues and the clients’ interests.